Venues 2020

Fraunhofer IOF

Beutenberg Campus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 7
07745 Jena


Image © Fraunhofer IOF / Walter Oppel

Abbe-Center of Photonics

Beutenberg Campus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 6
07745 Jena


Image © Fraunhofer IOF / Walter Oppel

Campus Ernst-Abbe-Platz
(Lecture hall 1)

Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3
07743 Jena


Image © Fraunhofer IOF / Anne Groß

Inside of Imaginata

Imaginata Jena – Science museum of a former transformer station

Löbstedter Str. 67
07749 Jena


Image © Imaginata Jena

SCALA Restaurant in Intershoptower

Leutragraben 1
07743 Jena


Images © Scala / Jürgen Scheere

Further information:

Map of the Fraunhofer IOF and Abbe Center of Photonics on the Beutenberg (No. 8 and 9 on the map)

More information about how to get there and the location of the venues can be found here.

Map of the venues in the city of Jena will follow.